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Satanic hexes in Latin?

After an incident yesterday, I was hoping to find some Satanic hexes in Latin that I could memorize, so if anyone gives me shit, I can be like "In nomine Satanas..." to scare them off. But I suck at Latin, and Google searches for such hexes are extremely annoying. So if anyone has any ideas, links, or whatever, I would be greatly appreciative. Thanks in advance.

Ave Satanas!


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Feb. 2nd, 2013 01:46 pm (UTC)
Re: Satanic hexes in Latin
Well, for one thing, if you want for to do the 'ave' which means 'hail,' you would want for to say 'Satanam'--because you're saying *to* Satan. When Gabriel is recorded in Latin as saying 'Ave, regina virginum,' it means: 'Hail *to* (you) the queen of virgins.' The *to* maketh her the object of the sentence. :)

As far as the other parts-have not heard of any outright hexes to Satan in Latin--and while it no doubt existses, I strongly suspect that in the Roman Rite Christian Catholic Empire that those who did rituals to Satan outright were very abundant--the very fact of Pagan rituals still having been practiced throughout (other than the cleaned up versions in the Mass and/or saints' days) were in and of themselves suspect and at *that* time were considered in and of themselves demonic.
And I personally think you'd be better off saying 'Yeah, I just spoke with him on the phone yesternight, he's a sweetheart., made me a batch of chocolate chip cookies, lipstick and glasses too, he was wearing them I tell ya!'
Feb. 4th, 2013 01:52 am (UTC)
Re: Satanic hexes in Latin
LOL! :-)

A friend of mine tells a story sometimes of when she practiced pentagramming herself (as opposed to crossing oneself) a lot, and the time it paid off. At a scifi convention, someone mentioned Jerry Fallwell, and my friend immediately pentagrammed herself, which led to some people laughing maniacally, and others to step back away from her. :-)
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