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I'm posting this, upon request, for a friend. He's cleaning out his rather extensive bookcase and has tons of books on offer.
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I am wondering if anyone would like to assist me with technical or practical aspects of some particular magical working.

I have in mind the various details which I find most appropriate. It may help to clearly outline or 'spell out' the causes, motives and potential goals, to obtain a true answer and most efficacious production of effects, as desired.

I am calling for mystical, shamanic, Qabalistic, metaphysical, spiritual, or any possible psychological ramifications to meet discussion and ultimate realization.

Anyone might conceivably contribute or benefit from this shared effort, as their would be commonality in the distinctions to be made.

Literally or figuratively, materially or spiritually, in an abstract or a concrete sense, after the manner and fashion of the subject is defined, whether you be concerned to whatever degree you are capable, or involved to the extent which is only limited or restricted by your own innate properties and propensities, either personally, superficially, casually, intensely, fully, partially, temporarily, permanently, occasionally, or briefly and in mere passing- I trust the Universe to take care of it's own.

That be the impetus, stimulus, cause, inchoate and completely minimal- the seed of future growth.

Who will rise to the challenge of the occasion and join forces? Allies?

Modly post

This should go without saying, but I'll say it because it amuses me(1): anyone who is a member of trollghetto (a community "for trolls only") will be banned from all my communities. So if you find yourself banned and don't know why, this is one possibility.

(1) = trollghetto is VERY *WTF* to me. :-)
Hello there, I'm an idiot. I had everything I needed to make sigils using the Hebrew characters on the Rose Cross Lamen... and now I've lost it. I know that all I need is the guide to the little curvy bits you put into the line if you're either using the same petal twice or using two letters in the same line.

I remember the Grammar being simple, but very important.

Anyone know what I'm talking about? Little Help?

One of the authors I've seem writing about this was the debatably good/bad writer Konstantinos. There were others though.


Hello there, I'm Jon, I've been practising Ritual Magic for a while now and my primary interest area is Western Hermeticism. I work at the Globe Theatre in London and am setting up a couple of businesses at the moment: one based around Esoteric and Supernatural walking tours and a professional Tarot practise.

My biggest magical interest at the moment is getting more information on the esoteric properties of the Hebrew Alphabet; I've read a lot of the classics on the subject but I'm interested on going a bit further into the primary sources they're based on -- which might mean learning Latin and Hebrew, which would be a problem because my Wife made me promise I'd learn Japanese so that I could do silly, unnecessary things like talk to my Father in Law.

To Will. To Know. To Dare. To Remain Silent.

Three out of four ain't bad...

This is disturbing

Wikipedia is deleting ALL articles on Contemporary Gnosticism due to some BS reason of "all resources" about it being "unreliable." And, as that page says, "Given that Gnosticism straddles esoteric Christianity, Paganism, Jungian thought and even Buddhism, what chance does Asatru or Druidry or Hellenismos have of maintaining a presence on Wikipedia when their populations are so much smaller and the level of academic interest is marginal".

EDIT: Okay, so apparently they've changed their minds.

Some magick after a dry spell

For the past few months I've been having a hard time doing any magick. It's not even that I tried and failed, it's that I haven't tried. I've wanted to, but couldn't get up enough wherewithal to overcome the excuses not to. Obviously depression has been a factor. Which is kind of a vicious cycle for me because I *need* magick in my life. It helps me feel less powerless and helps with the depression. (My writing had been suffering the same problems and has a similar role in my life to magick.)

So it's a good thing that both my writing and my magick are showing signs of returning. I've been writing a lot more. My situation hasn't gotten any better, but I guess on some level I've just had enough of being depressed all the time and I'm fighting back. And just today I got the brainwave to sing an affirmation spell. What I sang was "My prosperity is a fire, it is burning higher and higher," with occasional inlays of "My prosperity is a flame, it will help me win this game." (The game of life.) I can't speak for the final results yet, but I could feel that it was quite powerful, powerful enough to reaffirm my knowledge that I seem to be a natural at magick, always very strong at it whenever I actually do it. I especially liked how I was envisioning a flame inside myself getting bigger as I sang the affirmation, and the quickening tempo of the song the longer it went on. The visualization was a little hard to maintain at first, but then after a few minutes it got to the point where it maintained itself without my focusing on it. After a while, the flame spread and in my mind's eye I became composed of flame. This happens a lot to me when I do magick; fire is one of my favorite visualizations, and my Goddess (Djao'Kain), who has a copy of Herself living in my head with me and who is often represented by fire due to Her being a chaos Goddess, will often come to the front of my mind when I do magick and join with me. When we do that and then become composed of flame in my mind's eye, it usually starts at the eyes and works its way out. But this time it went out and into the eyes. Either way, merging with my Goddess gives the spells extra oompf, which I like.

I forgot to mention, I was doing all this while on my way walking from one place to another. As I approached my destination, the flames in my mind's eye shot sideways and then up, so I was fire contained in a cylinder made of fire. When I reached the destination and ended the spell, the magickal fire went out in every direction, dissipating out into the world where I hope it's still working.

I plan on doing more of this tomorrow. And I'm glad I thought of music. I have for a long time used song and voice rhythmics as part of my spirituality. My favorite thing to do in that regard is using my voice to mimic other instruments, like the digeridoo (sp?). Odd that I never thought of using it for magick until today.

Anyone else use music in your magick?

Just in case

Via a mod in another community I follow:

There is some malware going around LJ hacking accounts for mods in large communities, that posts an announcement with links that says they are zapping the community. Then proceeding to do so.

So, if any of you see an announcement purporting to be from our mods that we're shutting down:


More, with screenshot, here SAFE LINK

If you see it in any other community - please report it and let those mods know.


Seeking Occult Artists

Ethics and The Craft is probably the only book that specifically covers Wiccan Ethics.  It's truly a must-read for any Wiccan practitioner.  Those whom have been on the path for decades will find it's a great read for challenging and debating the differences and changes that have occured.  Of course to those new on the path will find it a great resource for understanding Wicca. This book sprung forth from the author's original project:


I'm bringing this up now because the author of Ethics and The Craft is currently looking for submissions for a second printing of the book. 

Winner gets:
* His or her design used for the book cover with credit on the copyright page
* Two free copies of the book, signed.
* $50 check (hey I'm a rinky-dink startup, give me a break!)
* Coupon for 25% off your next order on the Waning Moon Publications website (one-time use, transferable)

Top 3 runner ups get:
* One free copy of the book, signed.
* Coupon for 25% off your next order on the Waning Moon Publications website (one-time use, transferable)
For more information see:

Otherwise, for the occult bibliophiles on this list:

Waning Moon Publications
is a small bindery that creates limited edition hand bound occult literature. 


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