Spell to give an enemy an infestation of throat spiders.

1. Get a photo of your enemy, or something that belongs to the individual, or has their DNA in it.

2. You will also need a couple pieces of paper and a pen. Use one piece of paper to write out your desire “Give [full name] an infestation of throat spiders.”

3. Get rid of vowels. Like this: “Gvfllnmnnfsttnfthrtspdrs”

4. Get rid of repeating letters. Like this: “Gvflnmsthrpd”

5. Form these letters into a sigil as abstract as possible. (If you don’t know how, Google more on making sigils.)

6. If you are able to use tools/altar decorations with spiders or web designs on them, good. If not, oh well. Maybe make your sigil web-shaped?

7. Cast your protective circle or sphere. Or tetrahedron, or whatever shape you fancy.

8. Invoke whatever gods you want to help you with the hex. I suggest avoiding any deities that will not be pleased to be bothered for your petty mortal squabbles; not all gods are nice, not all gods appreciate being summoned for bullshit reasons. Some gods or goddesses will bitch-slap you into last Thursday if you disturb them.

9. Once you’ve invoked Eris or Loki or Baron Samedi or whoever, chant the following while focusing on the sigil and concentrating on the intent of giving your enemy throat spiders:

Black widow, funnel web, hobo, yellow sac,
Seek out [full name] and then attack!
Lay your eggs in their sinister throat,
Make their larynx turn black with bloat!
As your millions of children swarm their head,
Filling their hearts and souls with dread,
Instruct them to bite every inch of their flesh,
So mine enemy’s arms may flail and thresh,
Their face filling up with horrific surprise,
As swiftly the light fades from their eyes!

(Or come up with your own rhyme using poisonous or non-poisonous spiders of your area.)

10. Once the sigil is nicely charged, burn it, along with the photo or whatever bit of the person you have. Then thank the gods you invoked, open your circle, and end the ritual.

11. Go watch a movie or read a book or something; seriously, do something to cause you to stop thinking about the spell you just did. This part is crucial in sigil magick.
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Fulfilling a pact

My friend Amy, whom I have named Zahvahshlyn Kusahndjiirah Kiinbahn when she requested a new name, had no job. A week ago, she interviewed for a job. She welcomed prayers and so I made a pact with Djao'Kain (my main deity) and Kusahnjijahn - my deity of science and commerce. The pact was that if they got her the job she was interviewing for, that I would acknowledge their help in as many relevant blogs as possible, to spread their names about, because attention is the food of the gods.

So thank you, Djao'Kain and Kusahnjijahn, for Your assistance. Thank You both for doing this for my friend, whom I named "Strong Prosperous Intelligent Person" in the TPNN language. Sahn-kia, Koh Soh La Kohrain.
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Satanic hexes in Latin?

After an incident yesterday, I was hoping to find some Satanic hexes in Latin that I could memorize, so if anyone gives me shit, I can be like "In nomine Satanas..." to scare them off. But I suck at Latin, and Google searches for such hexes are extremely annoying. So if anyone has any ideas, links, or whatever, I would be greatly appreciative. Thanks in advance.

Ave Satanas!

Aleister Crowley's Psycho-Spiritual Philosophy for a New Æon @ UCB -

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This class is currently being offered at UCB. One of the participants in the course has brought their syllabus to Occult.Digital.Moblization's forums, and one of the course's instructors has joined in the discussion to add any clarifying details.

If you've an interest in Crowley's New Æon philosophy, this may be a great way to "formally" expand your understanding, or to increase the understanding of others.