The Djao'Mor'Terra Collective (fayanora) wrote in omni_magick,
The Djao'Mor'Terra Collective

Posting contest results, and new POSTING CONTEST!

Okay, so I let it run a bit longer than I said. Mostly because I forgot about it, I admit. But here are the posting contest stats:

me 3 (though I am exempt from the contest)

daiitoku 1

consortofvenus 4

sadys_stage 1

kermix 1


Tsk, tsk people. An improvement, but not by much. The winner was, of course, consortofvenus. Congratulations, Brax, you win! You get something LiveJournal offers that is worth $2. Your choice. Take your time if you like.


That taken care of, I'm starting a new contest! From now until the end of January, the person with the most posts wins. Just like the last contest, only this time there's some additions. Here are the additions to the contest:

1. To qualify, you must have the Omni_Magick button* either in your profile or in the first post on your LJ (like, for example, your "Friends Only" message if your LJ is FO). You should also, if you already have one up, put a line beneath it telling people that if you or your button referred them here, to tell us that in their first post. This is not necessary, though. But it is important (see #3)

2. If you were referred here by someone's button or someone told you about this place, you get 1 honorary post added to your list even before you post anything. (Meaning that if you post once, that counts as two. Posting twice counts as three total posts, and so on.)

3. Members who refer others get 2 points for each referral, which only count when they post and say either in the post or in a reply that you referred them. These points can be collected and redeemed for INTERESTING AND POSSIBLY VALUABLE PRIZES, the types of which are yet to be decided. But you MUST ALSO let me know in a private email of these referrals, complete with links to where the referral happened. Me: . Subject heading must be: Omni Magick Contest (Please copy and paste that exactly, I have a filter set up for it.)


* = Omni Magick button:

Join the magick,
help me earn points,
and join the posting contest!

The code for the button:

<a href=""><img src="" border="0"></a><br><b>Join the magick,<br>help me earn points,<br>and join <a href="">the posting contest</a>!</b>
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