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A community for magick practitioners of any and all faith or philosophy.
Because of trolls, membership is moderated.

This is a community for all practitioners of magick, regardless of your beliefs or type of magick. Tell us what has worked for you, come to us with questions, offer suggestions, newbies can come in looking for help, links and other resources can be shared, books discussed, and dreams shared. Pretty much anything falling under the label "magick" can be discussed here.

I would like this to be, also, a place for experimental magick as well. Anything that can induce change is, in my estimation at least, a form of magick. Even consciousness is magick! As are the words you're reading now, as is fashion, as are perfume oils, and anything you can think of!

Join the magick
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1. Please, no lurkers. This community has been dead for so long, I don't want any lurkers. If you join this community, please post topics and/or reply to other topics at least once every month. (If you'll be away for longer than a month, please let us know somehow.) Even if you just post little ideas you have and not actual workings, that's fine. Anything even remotely on topic is welcome. (And I have rather flexible opinions on what constitutes "on topic.")

2. NO FLAME WARS. I don't care if there are disagreements or even arguments, but keep it civil or I'll be stomping on toes. If it persists, I shall have to take more drastic measures.

3. Respect other peoples' beliefs. Any bullying of another for their beliefs, and any prosylatizing will result in stepped-on toes and possible suspension from the group. Prosylatizing is here defined as "harassing another with your religious opinion." If someone is interested, you may discuss your religion with them. But if you ask them to listen to you speak about your religion and they don't want to hear it, drop the subject.

4. This is not a place for faddists to find love spells. In fact, love spells will not be allowed on this forum unless they are general "attract to me someone who might love me" kind of spells. Nothing for specific people.

5. I don't care what your beliefs are, but know that magick is a science. Anyone thinking magick is like it is on Buffy the Vampire Slayer or The Craft will not only be seriously disappointed, but will be getting the 3rd degree until and unless they wise up. So consider yourself warned. I mean, I wish magick was like in Charmed, too, but it ain't. Not in THIS universe, anyway.

6. Silliness is definitely allowed in magick, as long as you realize that magick is a science (as stated above) and as long as the silliness makes sense to the ritual's aims. Use your own best judgement on this, but don't be surprised if you get a debate started.

7. Cross-posts and group promotions have to be on topic (about magick, something magickal, or of particular interest to the magickally inclined). Use your own best judgment on this, but if you think your group promotion is off-topic, ask Fayanora first for permission and only post it if s/he gives it to you. And even if it's blatantly off-topic, ask me and I'll probably allow it. I just don't want a bunch of spam in here, is all.

8. Let us know what you've been up to magickally, whether it works or not. Just because it doesn't work for you doesn't mean someone else won't have success with it. If you post about magickal workings in your LJ, please feel free to cross-post them over here.

9. Don't be afraid to make up things to try, and let us know about them whether they work or not. I, for one, make up languages and rituals and other magickal things all the time.

10. Things not normally considered magick, like mindfucks, glamourbombs, and psychological experiments are welcome as well.

11. ABSOLUTELY NO HEXING OF OTHER OMNI_MAGICK MEMBERS unless they are trolls, or admit to some heinous crime like murder, or if they otherwise REALLY deserve it.

12. NO SPAM, and NO GRATUITOUS PORN! By spam, I mean unsolicited ads and shit. By "gratuitous porn" I mean naked pictures that is not at least defensively on-topic. And any pictures not safe for work must be UNDER A CUT.

13. Please tag your posts.

That's all I can think of for now.

The name "omni_magick" (in the webtag) I chose because "Omni" means "All" in Latin. So it's for practitioners of all types of magick, from Kabbalah or Christian mysticism to Chaos Magick, Goetia, or Satanic magick, and everything in between. Lighter members: don't worry, our darker members are (usually, if not always) nice people, unless you anger them too much. If anyone (light or dark) gives you a problem, let me (Fayanora) know, and I'll help out however I can.

Have fun, and I hope you learn a lot!


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Magickal Blessings;
---Fayanora Ahnabahn

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